CT reports OP saying Lehi landed in South America and the final battle in the BoM happened where the plates were found.

Apr 14, 1832
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Catholic Telegraph
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“The Orators of Mormon” Catholic Telegraph [Cincinnati, Ohio] 1 (April 14, 1832): 204– 5 reprinted from Mercer Press [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania], circa April 1832.

Catholic Telegraph
Catholic Telegraph, Orson Pratt
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. . . Six hundred years before Christ a certain prophet called Lehi went out to declare and promulgate the prophecies to come; he came across the water into South America, who with others, went to Jerusalem: but there they were divided into two parties; one wise, the other foolish; the latter were therefore cursed with yellow skins; which is supposed to mean the Indians of the Rocky Mountains.—In 500 years before Christ the wise ones gave a sign, or was to give one, that (there shall be a total darkness two days and one night, but the people refused to take warning; and when Jerusalem was destroyed, the righteous were saved—all the teaching of the Mormonites is comprised in this book (their Bible) price one dollar and fifty cents. The greater part of the people were converted for a time, but were again divided and destroyed 400 years after Christ. The last battle that was fought among these parties was on the very ground where the plates were found, but it had been a running battle, for they commenced at the Isthmus of Darien and ended at Manchester.—The plates state that we shall drive back the Indians to the South and West: with a promise, however, to be brought back in the fulness of time; and all the unbeliefs existing can never prevent these prophecies from fulfillment.

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