Benjamin F. Johnson discusses Joseph's teachings concerning sealing and second anointing in his autobiography.

Benjamin F. Johnson

Benjamin F. Johnson, My Life's Review: Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Johnson (Provo, UT: Grandin Book and the Johnson Family Organization, 1997), 85–86, 95

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Brigham Young, Hyrum Bostwick, Benjamin F. Johnson, Joseph Smith, Jr., James Arlington Bennet
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At various times he alluded to marriage, among which, of marriage to sisters, of which I will not not [sic] now write. In the evening he called me and my wife to come and sit down, for he wished to marry us according to the Law of the Lord. I thought it a joke, and said I should not marry my wife again, unless she courted me, for I did it all the first time. He chided my levity, told me he was in earnest, and so it proved, for we stood up and were sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise.

. . .

I now had three wives and three children, and all means left from the Macedonia sacrifice had been expended in rent, furnishings, supplies and needed helps to keep the Mansion to its status of respectability; and the time was drawing nearer when the Presidency would cross the river. and for me there would be no safety should I remain. Prest Young asked my condition and I told him all He said I must go, and told Brother Hyrum Bostwick, one of my company, a man of means, to help me to an outfit. But his means were his own, and the outfit came too slow to get in sight. We were now invited to come to the Temple for our 2nd anointing, but having the historic Genl Arlington Bennett as the city's guest, with his associates to entertain, we were obliged to forego at that time the great privilege and blessing.

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