Thomas A. Clawson records sermon by Lorenzo Snow and Joseph F. Smith on second anointing.

Apr 8, 1901
Personal Journal / Diary
Thomas A. Clawson
Scribed Paraphrase
2nd Hand

Lorenzo Snow and Joseph F. Smith, Discourse, 8 April 1901, recorded in Thomas A. Clawson, Journal, 8 April 1901; rep. Devery S. Anderson, ed., The Development of LDS Temple Worship, 1846–2000: A Documentary History (Salt Lake City, UT: Signature Books, 2011), 114.

Thomas A. Clawson
Lorenzo Snow, Joseph F. Smith, Thomas A. Clawson

After the opening exercises Pres[iden]t Lorenzo Snow spoke upon the Subject of the giving of Second Anointings. He said that this blessing brought a person to a greater knowledge of the things pertaining to God and his purposes in the earth, that the glorious things of the kingdom were made clear to the understanding of man. Therefore it would be a very serious thing for a man to apostatize after he had received this great blessing. He warned the Presidents of Stakes that they should exercise great care when giving recommends to those of his stake to receive these great blessings and should know by their work their integrity and devotion to the cause of the Gospel, for the responsibility would rest upon them if any were recommended unworthily or that apostatized. . . .

Pres[iden]t Jos[eph] F. Smith then made a few remarks on the Subject of the Second Anointing. He said that it was the crowning blessing of and the highest gift to be conferred by the Melchizedek Priesthood. Elders should do something to be worthy to receive this great blessing and there are many ways out of the ordinary routine duties by which a man could earn the good will of God to the obtaining of this blessing. Every man should be determined to place every thing on the altar even to the laying down of life itself for the gospel sake in order to be truly worthy of this blessing.

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