Joseph Hovey's records that the blessings promised in the second anointing are conditional.

Sep 16, 1846
Personal Journal / Diary
Joseph Hovey

Joseph Hovey, Autobiography, 1845-1856, 72, MS 1576, 16 September 1846, 89–90, Church History Library

Joseph Hovey
Joseph Hovey, Martha Hovey

Martha departed this Life this morning <September 16, 1846> avot 11 o'clock. She was Layed out in her Robe to Come forth in the morning of the reserrection. My wife was full of faith and good workes she delited in the blessings of the kingdom it was her meat and drink to hear them spoken off She often spoake of the glory of God and what a blessing it would be to Live to injoy them she did at time desire to live to get more knowledge of God But she died with out a strugle of a Groan I stoped besid her bed untill she dawed her last and Closed her Eyes. She showed in her Countenance that she was at rest for a number spoake of her plesant countenance and pearityfull corps. Therefore if I am faithfull I antisipate of imbracinge <her> wen she comes forth in the morning of the resurrection and beholder her with a glorious Boddy that cannot be desesed and afflicted and all tears be wiped a way. and my Prayrs is dayly tha I may hold out untill the End and injoy the Glories of the Celestial Kingdom <with her> and no more Come out forever but rain with my Brethren Eternity in and Eternity out this inspire my hart to live faithfull that I may yet go forth an win my Thousands soules to Christ and sit down with them in the Kingdom of God

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