William Clayton records Amasa Mason Lyman's sermon on temple symbolism, including second anointing.

Dec 21, 1845
Personal Journal / Diary
William Clayton
Scribed Paraphrase

George D. Smith, ed., An Intimate Chronicle: The Journals of William Clayton (Salt Lake City, UT: Signature Books, 1991), 224–226

Signature Books, William Clayton
William Clayton, Orson Hyde, Amasa Mason Lyman, Heber C. Kimball

At 3 o clock sung Hosanna. Prayer by Elder Orson Hyde, after which by invitation of Elder Kimball who presided (President Young not having been at the Temple today, and the duty of presiding having devolved upon Elder Kimball as the next in succession) Amasa Lyman, addressed the assembly. He said Doubtless with the most of the present assembly it is the beginning of a new era, in their lives, they have come to a time they never saw before. They have come to the commencement of a knowledge of things, and it is necessary they should be riveted on their minds, one important thing to be understood is this, that those portions of the priesthood which you have received are all essential matters, it is not merely that you may see these things, but it is matter of fact, a matter that has to do directly with your salvation, for which you have talked and labored many years. It is not for amusement you are brought to receive these things, but to put you in possession of the means of salvation and be brought into a proper relationship to God. Hence a man becomes responsible for his own conduct, and that of his wife, if he has one. It is not designed that the things that are presented today should be forgotten tomorrow, but remembered and practiced through all coming life. Hence it is a stepstone to approach to the favor of God. Having descended to the lowest state of degradation, it is the beginning of a homeward journey. It is like a man lost in a wilderness and the means with which we are invested here are to direct us in our homeward journey. You then see the reason why you are required to put away your vain ties, cease to talk of all those things which are not conducive to eternal life.

This is why you are required to be sober, to be honest, that you could ask and receive, knock and it should be opened, and that when you sought for things you would find them. It is putting you in possession of those keys by which you can ask for things you need and obtain them. This is the Key by which to obtain all the glory and felicity of eternal life. It is the key by which you approach God. No impression which you receive here should be lost. It was to rivet the recollection of the tokens and covenants in your memory like a nail in a sure place, never to be forgotten.

The scenery through which you have passed is actually laying before you a picture or map by which you are to travel through life, and obtain an entrance into the celestial kingdom hereafter. If you are tempted in regard to these things here, you will be tempted when you approach the presence of God hereafter. You have, by being faithful been brought to this point, by maintaining the things which have been entrusted to you. This is a representation of the Celestial Kingdom. It is not merely for the sake of talking over these things that they are given to you, but for your benefit, and for your triumph over the powers of darkness hereafter.

We want the man to remember that he has covenanted to keep the law of God, and the Woman to obey her husband and if you keep your covenants you will not be guilty of transgressions. The line that is drawn is for you to maintain your covenants and you will always be found in the path of obedience, after that which is virtuous and holy and good and will never be swallowed up by unhallowed feelings and passions.

If you are found worthy and maintain your integrity, and do not run away and think you have got all your endowment you will be found worthy after a while, which will make you honorable with God. You have not yet been ordained to any thing, but will be by and by. You have received these things, because of your compliance with all the requisitions of the law, and if faithful you will receive more.

You have now learned how to pray. You have been taught how to approach God and be recognized. This is the principle by which the Church has been kept together, and not the power of arms. A few individuals have asked for your preservation, and their prayers have been heard, and it is this which has preserved you from being scattered to the four winds.

Those who have learned to approach God and receive these blessings, are they better than you? The difference is, they have been permitted to have these things revealed unto them. The principles which have been opened to you are the things which ought to occupy your attention all your lives. They are not second to any thing. You have the key by which if you are faithful, you will claim on you and on your posterity, all the blessings of the Priesthood.

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