Joseph's discourse on mission of Elijah, sealing, and unforgiveable sin as recorded by James Burgess.

Mar 10, 1844
Speech / Court Transcript
Joseph Smith, Jr.
Scribed Verbatim

Joseph Smith, Discourse, 10 March 1844, as Reported by James Burgess, 17-19, The Joseph Smith Papers website, accessed June 25, 2021

James Burgess
David, Elijah, Peter, James Burgess, Joseph Smith, Jr.
Latter-day Saints

The spirit of Elijah is to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers lest I come and smite the earth with a curse this babtism for the dead and the ordinances that is to be administered by us for them for paul says that they without us cannot be made perfect neither can we without them be made perfect. Now we come to talk about election a great deal is said about it, one way or another, The prespetari [Presbyterian] says once in grace always in grace, the methodist says once in grace can fall from grace and be renewed again. there is some truth in both of these statements Paul says in the 6 chap of hebrews that after arriving at a certain knowledge and then fall away it is impossible to renew them again, well paul the prespatarian says once in grace always in grace I say it is not so the Methodist says once in grace can fall from grace and be renewed again I Paul say it is impossible seeing that they crucify to themselves the son of God afresh and put him to an open shame. Make your calling and election sure go on from grace to grace untill you obtain a promise from God for yourselves that you shall have eternal life, this is eternal life to know God and his son Jesus Christ, it is to be sealed up unto eternal life and obtain a promise for our posterity. Whatever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, this is the power of Elijah to seal or bind or turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, sealed against all sin but the sin of sheding innocent blood and the sin against the holy ghost. David was one of the promised seed yet he was guilty of murder see Acts Chap 2 & 3 other sins will go to judgement before hand.

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