Isaac Higbee relays account of Indian difficulties to Brigham Young.

Oct 15, 1849
Isaac Higbee

Isaac Higbee, Letter to Brigham Young, October 15, 1849, Reel 31, Brigham Young Office Files, Church History Library

Isaac Higbee
Brigham Young

Utah Valley October 15, 1849 President Young this is to inform you that we wish council from you respecting the course we shall take respecting the indians they have been troublesome a few weeks past they shot at Brother Nowland & Thomas about two weeks since while at work in the field last week they shot at James Ivie while passing near their camp early on wensday morning last we told two of the indians that we were mad at them because they shot at our men and stole our corn the indians went back to their camp and in a little while the indians was seen to sally out from their camp and stop except three of them two of them were naked and without arms, one of them carrying a stick with fethers tied to it we met them out side of the fort well armed and prepared to fight and it was as much as we could do to keep some of our boys from shooting them they said they heard we were mad and come to make peace and that they did not want to fight we made peace with them and told them they must not steal our corn &c. But they continue to steal our corn and are saucy and some of them say that we are affraid of them and that they intend to kill the men and take the women themselves &c. Their number at present is not much less than ours one of Walkers band came in to day and says Walker will be here in two days to sell horses some of the indians are in the fort every day and appear very friendly D. B. Huntington at present has gone to meet his brother who is on his way to these valleys The Indians have also shot a mare and colt belonging to John Wheeler. Isaac Higbee Pres

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