Dimick B. Huntington highlights friendliness of Indian peoples.

Apr 19, 1849
Dimick B. Huntington DELETED

Dimick Huntington, Letter to Brigham Young, April 19, 1849, Brigham Young Office Files, Church History Library, CR 1234 1

Dimick B. Huntington DELETED
Dimick B. Huntington DELETED
Brigham Young

President Young sir we are all well & a prospering health & a good spirit prevails through the camp all goes well with the gentry. Patsowet an influential Indian a brother of one that we killed came in yesterday and cut up high swells Brother Hunt will tell all about it I have made him our friend he says a great deal about Walkera coming in soon. There has a war party gone to day in pursuit of Wanship to retake those horses we marshaled ourselves yesterday and find twenty muskets in camp & no catterridges I wish you would send by Capt Hunt twenty rounds a piece for each gun if you think it best we will take care of ammunition we get but one bag of powder & no cattridges I think it would be good to have another bag if you please we fired the cannon once [illeg] it had a good effect there is quite a number of Indians in this vicinity they appear very friendly at present but they are very uncertain the weather is very warm & the river a reseding fast

Yours with respect D. B. Huntington

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