Brigham Young orders killing of Native Americans.

Jan 31, 1850
Meeting Minutes / Notes
Extermination Order Council Meeting
Scribed Paraphrase

Meeting Minutes, January 31, 1850, Church History Library, accessed May 27, 1850

Thomas Bullock
Extermination Order Council Meeting, Thomas Bullock, George A. Smith, John S. Higbee, Heber C. Kimball, Parley P. Pratt
Extermination Order Council Meeting

J. Higbee the Indians r continually unfriendly killing our cattle & stealing horses we have lost between 50, 60 head. they cannot sustain themselves there. we drive our cattle down in the morning & bring them up at night. The Indians fired their guns at our boys & they found one [illeg] with 4 arrows another with a tomahawk in it they say the Mormons are no [illeg] they want to fight & will live on our cattle they say they mean to keep our cattle & got & get the other Indians to kill us. PPP my own mind is I can only see 3 ways. the idea is abandoned & then they wd. ransack all the [illeg]. or we are to defend them or leave them to destruction J. Higbee we cannot defend our cattle unless there is a company of men there are 25 close by & 50 or 75 on the other side of the Lake PPP I felt it best to kill the Indians but when I saw the [illeg] kill you can ge instructions J. Higbee every man & hold up their hands to kill them off we have 60 men to bear arms they say we r afraid to kill them PPP ....there can be no communication without a settlement at Utah. . . my voice is for war, exctirminate them BY I say go & kill them. (all hands held up) Young, Kimball, Richards, Smith, [illeg] J. Young. . . D.H. Wells...Loren A. Farr

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