OBH records Little Chief asking LDS to kill "mean Ewtes."

Feb 1849
Personal Journal / Diary
Oliver B. Huntington
Scribed Paraphrase
2nd Hand

Oliver B. Huntington, Journal, February 1849, accessed July 6, 2021

Oliver B. Huntington
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The chief or captain of the village then told us that there was that family of boys great thieves, and for that he had driven them away from his hand because they would not hear him and stop stealing the Mormons cattle, and that since he drove them away they had told one of his men that they had eat nothing but "Koot-e-em-bongos" or cattle all winter and did not hunt any. He said he did not know where they lived, but he wanted the big white captain to send up some men and kill those mean men, mean Ewtes he called them, and said "if the big captain does not kill them I will, but it will look better for you to kill your own enemies. If they are not killed now, they will soon get more men to stealing cattle and then you will come up and kill me, my men, women and children." "Tell the big ' Yabaloo Captain (white captain) to come up and kill them mean Ewtes." These particulars he told us through "Parbeleau" the half Ewte and Spaniard.

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