Brigham Young warns John Higbee about Indian attacks, urges them to teach them and be peaceful.

Apr 18, 1849
Brigham Young

Brigham Young, Letter to John S. Higbee, April 18, 1849, Brigham Young Office Files

Thomas Bullock
Brigham Young, Thomas Bullock, John S. Higbee
John S. Higbee

We hasten to advise you to complete your fort with the very least possible delay, and never be caught away from your farm, and while you are building your fort, have your guns and ammunition fast by your side, and as quick as you can hoist your cannon to the top of your fort. you will act wisely and gather assistance to keep away any hostile Indians away from your farm-not neglecting to secure your horses and cattle in a canal at nights, keeping up a vigilant guard every night-and do not allow your animals to be out through the day without being well guarded. Look out for the Indians, for they will be on you in a form that you do not think they are near. If Elk should come to you & want to make peace, do not give them any present-but if they will be friendly, teach them to raise grain & order them to quit stealing. Your friend & brother Brigham Young

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