James R. Harris recounts anecdote of Preston Nibley that he heard Joseph F. Smith remember seeing the papyri, describes a long roll.

James R. Harris
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James R. Harris, An Historical and Doctrinal Commentary on the Pearl of Great Price (New York: Harris House Publishers, 1999), 177–178

James R. Harris
James R. Harris, Preston Nibley, Joseph F. Smith, James R. Clark, Charles W. Nibley, Gerald N. Lund
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A decades ago (about 1957) 1 [sic] was doing research in the Church Historian's office and one day, while waiting to see Brother Lund [Gerald N. Lund?], Preston Nibley was kind enough to chat with me and told the following story:

While I was attending the University of Chicago, my father [Charles W. Nibley], then Presiding Bishop of the Church, made a tour of Europe with President Joseph F. Smith. Upon their return they stopped to see me and asked if I would break away from my schooling long enough to go with them to Nauvoo. I immediately responded in the affirmative and we went to Carthage. When we arrived, in the month of July, it was very hot and my mother and father decided to stay in the hotel and drink ice water. But President [Joseph F.] Smith and I went out to see the sights [in Nauvoo]. As we came to the door of the Prophet's home, he told me of the last time he walked through that door before the Saints moved west. 'I pushed open the door without knocking and found Uncle Joseph kneeling on the floor with a reading glass in his hand with which he was reading a long roll spread out the full length of the room (Personal conversation with Preston Nibley).

Considering the comprehensiveness of the language, the above scroll could produce many volumes. I mentioned the above conversation to Dr. James R. Clark, he wrote it down, sent a copy to Brother Nibley and asked him to sign his name if the report was accurate. Dr. Clark now has this signed document in his file.

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