Jonathan Crosby records seeing the papyri, has them explained to him, says language is same as the Book of Mormon.

1848 - 1892
Jonathan Crosby

Jonathan Crosby, "A Biographical Sketch of the Life of Jonathan Crosby Written by Himself," 13–14, HBLL, MSS Film 920, No. 31

Jonathan Crosby
Hyrum Smith, Jonathan Crosby, Martin Harris, John Carle, George A. Smith, Reynolds Cahoon, Joseph Smith, Jr.

I thought I must go & see the Prophet of God first of all, that was my desire. I was told where he lived & went there, rapped on the door & he came & opened it bade me come in & be seated. Then questioned from whare I was from, & of my coming into the Church &c, & made me welcome. Thare was quite a little company in that evening his brother Hyrum, R Cahoon, Martin Harris, John Carle the Architect of the Temple, & George A Smith, perhapse others. We had a very pleasent time, drank pepper & cider & had supper. I thought he was a queer man for a Prophet, at first, he didn't appear ecactly as I expected to see a Prophet of God, however I was not stumbled at all. I found him to be a friendly cheerful pleasent agreable man. I could not help likeing him. I stopped over night & took breakfast there in the morning, he showed me the records of the mummies & explained them to me. he could [illegible strikeout] read them, they written in language of the book of Mormon on the plates. very interesting.

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