John Taylor says Joseph promised to translate more of the Book of Abraham.

Feb 1, 1843
John Taylor
2nd Hand

John Taylor, "Notice," Times and Seasons 4, no. 6 (February 1, 1843): 95

John Taylor
John Taylor, Joseph Smith, Jr.
Reading Public

We would respectfully announce to those of our subscribers, (and there are a good man of them) who commenced their subscriptions for the Times and Seasons at the time when brother Joseph took the editorial department, that the term for which they subscribed for is nearly at a close: most of those commenced at the seventh and eighth numbers; at the time when the translations from the Book of Abraham commenced. This is the sixth number, which only leaves four weeks until the time that they subscribed for, will be fulfilled.

We have given this timely notice that our friends may prepare themselves. We would further state that we had the promise of Br. Joseph, to furnish us with further extracts from the Book of Abraham. These with other articles that we expect from his pen, the continuation of his history, and the resources that we have of obtaining interesting matter; together with our humble endeavors, we trust will make the paper sufficiently interesting.

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