JS translating papyri; language same as BOM.

Sep 24, 1836
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Ohio Watchman & Liberal Enquirer

"The Mormons," Ohio Watchman & Liberal Enquirer (24 September 1836), accessed July 6, 2021

Ohio Watchman & Liberal Enquirer
Ohio Watchman & Liberal Enquirer
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...in the base of the [Cepalo], is a small room, fixed up for some Mummies, which the Mormons purchased some two or three years ago. These consist of two females and one male. The male and one of the females, are old -- the other female is young -- has no hair -- and although she has been dead, probably three thousand years, she retains [a few] of her features, so that a [spectator?] can form a tolerable idea of her former looks.

But the principal [value] in the estimation of the Mormons, attached to [the mummies] is the papyrus, or an ancient Egyptian paper, found in the Catacoms with these mummies, on which is a splendid specimen of Egyptian Hieroglyphics, said to be the same as the characters on the golden plates, from which Smith translated the Book of Mormon. These Hieroglyphics [Mr.] Smith is now translating, and has proceeded so far as to [ascertain] (they say) that a part of them were written by Abraham, and a part by Joseph!

Whatever the world may think of the Mormon faith, they must allow them the credit of being at least an enquiring people, who are determined to investigate for themselves.

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