Dublin University Magazine criticizes the contents of the BOA.

Mar 1843
Dublin University Magazine

"Mormonism; or, New Mohammedanism in England and America," Dublin University Magazine 21, no. 123 (March 1843): 296–297

Dublin University Magazine
Sidney Rigdon, Ephrem the Syrian, Abraham, Joseph Smith, Jr., Dublin University Magazine, Mohammad
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Smith's last literary fraud is the most amazing of all, and far surpasses that which the Rev. Dr. Wall has fixed upon Champollion. By some means or other, he obtained possession of four Egyptian mummies, which he exhibited for a time to his followers, as the bodies of an Egyptian king, his two wives, and the daughter of another king. After some time he removed the papyrus rolls in which they were enveloped, by the application of no more delicate instrument than a bark-woodman's hatchet, and exhibited the fragments as the actual autograph of Abraham, written with his own hand while in Egypt. Last summer, a little after he had quarrelled with Sidney Rigdon, he commenced to publish what he has been pleased to term a translation of these documents in his "Times and Seasons," a periodical which he edits at Nauvoo. The absence of his better genius, Rigdon, is singularly apparent in this miserable forgery; it is full of the grossest blunders. He makes Ur of the Chaldees part of the territory of the Egyptian Pharaohs; not aware that the Egyptians mummified animals, he gives fanciful names of idols to the representations of animal mummies—he makes sad havoc with the geography of Palestine, putting places for persons, and persons for places, and he favors his followers in Abraham's name with a system of astronomy, geology, and cosmogony, compared with which that of Mahommed or of Ephrem Syrus may be regarded as the very perfection of wisdom. Within forty-eight hours from the time in which we write, two numbers of this palpable forgery, were placed in our hands by a Lancashire Mormonite, in every other respect a most respectable and intelligent man of his class, and particularly conspicuous for mechanical skill, in the full hope that it would lead to our conversion.

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