Wilford Woodruff assists in printing the Book of Abraham; records Joseph translating "hyeroglyphics" via Urim & Thummim.

Feb 19, 1842
Personal Journal / Diary
Wilford Woodruff

Wilford Woodruff, Journal, February 19, 1842, [133–134]

Wilford Woodruff
Wilford Woodruff, Joseph Smith, Jr.

It is truly interesting edifying & glorious to contemplate the great & mighty work which God has set his hand to esstablish in these last days by revealing the fullness of the everlasting gospel as recorded in the Book of mormon & esstablishing his church & kingdom as at the beginning which is according to the order of heaven with seers prophets, Apostles, Elders Priests, Bishops, Teachers, Revelation, Administering of Angels gifts, graces, Knowledge, wisdom, tongues healings &c. &c. Truly the Lord has raised up Joseph the seer of the seed of Abraham out of the loins of ancient Joseph, & is now clothing him with mighty power & wisdom & knowledge which is more clearly manifest & felt in the midst of his intimate friends than any other class of mankind. The Lord is Blessing Joseph with Power to reveal the mysteries of the kingdom of God; to translate through the Urim & Thummim Ancient records & Hyeroglyphics as old as Abraham or Adam, which causes our hearts to burn within us while we behold their glorious truths opened unto us. Joseph the Seer has presented us some of the Book of Abraham which was written by his own hand but hid from the knowledge of man for the last four thousand years but has now come to light through the mercy of God. Joseph has had these records in his possession for several years but has never presented them before the world in the english language untill now. But he is now about to publish it to the world or parts of it by publishing it in the Times & Seasons, for Joseph the Seer is now the Editor of that paper & Elder Taylor assists him in writing while it has fallen to my lot to take charge of the Business part of the esstablishment. I have had the privilege this day of assisting in setting the TIPE for printing the first peace of the BOOK OF ABRAHAM that is to be presented to the inhabitants of the EARTH in the LAST DAYS

My soul has been much edifyed of late from time to time in hearing Joseph the Seer convers about the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, truly GOD is with him & is making him mighty in wisdom & knowledge & I am convinced for myself that none of the Prophets Seers or Revelators of the Earth have ever accomplished a greater work than will be accomplished in the Last days through the mercy of God By JOSEPH THE SEER

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