Richard Savary says JS translated Book of Abraham papyri in under an hour within getting papyri.

Jun 1, 1844
Richard Savary
2nd Hand

Richard Savary, “Mormonism Exposed!” The Prophet 1, no. 3 (June 1, 1844): 1

The Prophet
Richard Savary, Michael Chandler, Joseph Smith, Jr., A. M. Bryan
Reading Public

I then said to Mr. Bryan that the plates recently found in the ground in the state of Illinois (here showing him a fac simile of them) and the engraving on them when compared with the Egyptian characters, or hieroglyphics, as found in Mr. Giddon's late remarks of that country, abundantly proved the Aborigines of this country to be the seed of Abraham and descendants of Joseph, the son of Jacob. Mr. Bryan then asked me if those plates had been translated. I answered that I understood they had been. I next adverted to a circumstance relative to a Mr. Chandler, an Egyptian Antiquarian, who obtained five mummies in that country, which were exhibited in the city of New York, at which exhibition it was first discovered that one of the mummies had a large protuberance on the left side, which awakened the curiosity of a gentleman, who proposed that it be examined, and in doing so found it to contain Papyrus or Parchment, containing writing, a portion of which was translated in that city. The proprietor then conveyed them to Philadelphia, where the same was translated as in New York. Being unable to decypher the remainder, he was advised to take them to Joseph Smith, in Ohio, who pretended to have the power or gift of translation. On arriving there, he presented the parchment to him, who said that in an hour he would acquaint him with the matter, at the end of which he returned, having translated the same as in New York and Philadelphia, and much more, pronouncing it to be the Book of Abraham, the characters of which closely resembled those on the plates lately found in Pike county, Ill.

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