Tyler Parsons debates a Mormon who uses Book of Abraham in his argument.

Tyler Parsons
Scribed Paraphrase

Tyler Parsons, Mormon Fanaticism Exposed (Boston: For the Author, 1841), 62

Tyler Parsons
Tyler Parsons, Elder Nickerson, Michael Chandler, Joseph Smith, Jr.
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Sunday, 19th, met according to the adjournment. Mr. Nickerson, the Mormon, has the floor, in support of the question, that the book of Mormon is a revelation from God. He observed he had received a new revelation the past week, more evidences of its origin being divine; a confirmation of the plates being found; that the hand-writing of a letter from old father Abraham, the patriarch, was found; that he had received such knowledge from a friend, his name not to be mentioned, that a Mr. Michael Chandler had a copy of this letter deciphered. He also had the biography of Joseph Smith, the prophet. I should think the biography of Joseph Smith and this letter from the good old patriarch would appear well together. Chandler says he was in Kirkland, Ohio, a Mormon town, at the time there were two mummies found, and that this letter was with them preserved ; and if that is true, said the Elder, and I have no doubt it is, it would silence all that had been said, or could be said, about the falsity, and perjury of the witnesses to the book of Mormon. He read, or attempted to read, a part of a letter, purporting to be an extract from the Abrahamic letter, that was found with the mummy; it was a perfect jargon of nonsense, such as would disgrace any audience; it was so written that the Elder could not be understood what he did read, therefore, I did not report any of it. I concluded that he had better take the letter to the prophet Joe, and let him review the translation. This letter, the Elder said, would be of great value to the cause of the book of Mormon, for every one would see how God was detertmined to establish the truth, and he would do it in spite of men or devils. By the help and power of God, he expected to convince every person in Boston, that would hear and repent of their sins, and be baptised, and become obedient. . . .

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