Anonymous source reports Mormon missionary using Book of Abraham as evidence for Joseph being a prophet; says Book of Abraham will be published soon.

Oct 7, 1841
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American Advocate

"Mormonism," American Advocate 1, no. 2 (October 7, 1841): [3]

American Advocate
American Advocate, Joseph Smith, Jr.
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Mormonism—A Mormon preacher stated the other Sunday, that there are now 100,000 Mormons, and that they would soon be increased to 400,000; that it was essential to salvation to believe in the Mormon Bible, and that, with some mummies brought to this country from Thebes, some years since, was a roll of manuscripts, which have been offered to Joe Smith, he stated to his followers that they were sent to him by God, and that the price asked for the mummies and papers, ($2,500) must be raised by them. This being done, the papers are in progress of publication, when we are to have wonders, no doubt. On these papers, among other wonderful things, it was said the name of Joseph was found, so that a clue has been found to something, unquestionably. Our citizen traveller, Mr. Stephens, was immortalized by the priest, and the figures described by him at Palenqua, were said to be exactly like those in the Mormon Bible; and, in fact, the same things. The temple there is the pattern of that to be erected by the Mormons. Mr. Stephens will soon become, no doubt, one of "the latter day saints," if not now one!

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