Anonymous author in Deseret News argues that Pearl Of Great Price accounts of creation corroborate the Bible, are also confirmed by science.

Dec 29, 1880
News (traditional)
Deseret News

"Science and Genesis," Deseret News 29, no. 48 (December 29, 1880):[6]

Deseret News
Moses, Abraham, Joseph Smith, Jr., Deseret News
Latter-day Saints, Reading Public

The Latter-day Saints have faith in the opening chapters of the Bible as a relation of actual occurrences, which is confirmed by direct revelation in our own times. That great Prophet and Seer, Joseph Smith, received a divine communication making known the word of the Lord as revealed to Moses, who wrote the account of the creation in Genesis. This not only establishes the fact of the authorship of that book, but the fact that what Moses wrote was revealed to him from heaven. It was not the result of his cognitions, or a mere expression of his own philosophy or theories, but the very word of the Creator himself. This communication is published in the Pearl of Great Price. So is the Book of Abraham, in which the account of the creation, as revealed to that great Patriarch, is made known, corroborating the statements of Moses and putting beyond question the literal character of the Biblical narration of primal events.

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