DEN reprints a report by FMA about visiting Nauvoo, seeing BOA manuscript with hieroglyphic characters in the margins.

Oct 17, 1903
News (traditional)
F. M. Abbott

"A Trip to Nauvoo," Deseret Evening News, October 17, 1903, 23

Deseret Evening News
Emma Hale Smith, Charles Bidamon, Joseph Smith, Jr., Elder Whitesides, F. M. Abbott, Deseret Evening News
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Some relics Interesting, if Genuine, Viewed by Elders.

Elder F. M. Abbott writes from Quincy, Ill., Oct. 8:

Crossing the river from Montrose to Nauvoo, Elder Whitesides and I met Mr. Chas. E. Bidamon, son of the man who married Emma Smith, and during our friendly conversation, he let us see a pocket piece the Prophet Joseph used to carry. It was silver, not quite as thick as a dollar, but just a little larger in circumference. On one side were a few words in Latin and the other side was filled up with strange characters. We were invited to his home to see some papers that he had in his possession. One that was most interesting was a paper, which we thought to be the Prophet's first translation of the Book of Abraham from Egyptian papyrus. When I went to my room I read the Book of Abraham as we have it in the Pearl of Great Price, and from what I could remember, the same words were used in both. Down the margin strange characters, similar in appearance to the hieroglyphics on the pocket piece, were placed, one character at the beginning of each paragraph. Mr. Bidamon said that we were the first persons to read the paper, and after I explained to him what I thought it to be, he asked me if I would inform the public, for possibly it might be of interest to know about it. In compliance with his request I write this, hoping it will not be out of place.

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