John C. Bennett provides copy of dispensation by Abraham Jonas authorizing establishment of the Nauvoo Masonic Lodge.

Oct 15, 1841
Abraham Jonas

Copy of Special Dispensation. Record of Nauvoo Lodge Under Dispensation, October 15, 1841, Nauvoo Masonic Lodge minutes (Nauvoo Masonic Lodge Minute Book 1), John C. Bennett Copy, MS 9115, Church History Library, 3–4, accessed February 23, 2022

Church History Library
John D. Parker, John C. Bennett, Abraham Jonas, George Miller

Record of Nauvoo Lodge under Dispensation.

Copy of Dispensation

"To all who shall see these presents—

Whereas it appears to me, from the petition of sundry Brethren of Hancock County, in the State of Illinois, who are recommended and vouched to me, and worthy and fit Master Masons, by the Master, Wardens, and Brethren of Columbus Lodge, No. 6, held at Columbus in said State, that the congregating of said petitioners, and others, who they may think proper to admit into their lodge (when organized) will tend to promote the welfare and usefulness of the craft—and

Whereas lodges of masons in the recess of the Grand Lodge of the State of Illinois can be formed under its jurisdiction by special dispensation only— Wherefore, I, Abraham Jonas, Grand Master of the said Grand Lodge of Illinois, do hereby, as Right Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge aforesaid, and according to the Constitution of Ancient York Masons, Grant this dispensation hereby authorizing and empowering our trusty and well beloved brother, George Miller, of said County of Hancock, to congregate a sufficient number of worthy brethren at some convenient place in the 'City of Nauvoo,' in said County of Hancock, and then and there, with convenient dispatch, to form and open a lodge after the manner of Ancient Masons,—and in pursuance of the petition aforesaid, I do hereby appoint our said brother, George Miller, Esq., the first Master,—John D. Parker to be the first Senior Warden,—and Lucius N. Scovil to be the first Junior Warden of the Lodge of Masons aforesaid, and to be opened and held at the said 'City of Nauvoo' as aforesaid, and to be known by the name of Nauvoo Lodge under dispensation—and I do further authorize the said Master, Wardens, and such Brethren as they may admit as members of said lodge, and their said lodge, when duly formed and opened, to enter, pass, and raise to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason, all such as may be, by all the members of said lodge, deemed worthy, according to ancient custom, and not otherwise, with the intent and view that the brethren who may be so congregated, entered, passed, and raised may in due time, be duly warranted for being and holding a regular lodge, for the further promoting the Craft and increasing the number of Worthy Brethren—Provided, however, that this Dispensation do continue and be in force, until the next annual session (1st Monday in October [1]842) of the Grand Lodge aforesaid, and no longer. Given under my hand and private seal, at Columbus, in the State of Illinois, on this 15th day of October, A.L. 5841, and A.D. 1841. Signed Abraham Jonas, (Seal) G.M.G.L. of Illinois" A true copy. John C. Bennett, Secretary

BHR Staff Commentary

Because the lodge was not formed during the annual meeting of the Grand Lodge of Illinois, authorization had to be given by the Grand Master through a special dispensation.

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