John C. Bennett charges Joseph Smith with "the actual seduction of several Master Masons' wives, sisters, and daughters."

Jul 2, 1842
John C. Bennett
Scribed Verbatim

John C. Bennett, Letter to the Editor, July 2, 1842, in Sangamo Journal, July 15, 1842, 2

Sangamo Journal
George Robinson, Adara Lyman, John C. Bennett, Abraham Jonas, Sidney Rigdon, Francis Higbee, Job Snyder, Hiram Kimball, Samuel Smith, Joseph Smith, Jr., Peter Haws, Willard Richards
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The original records show that Joseph Smith, Job Snyder, Brigham Young, Peter Haws, Willard Richards, and one other, I think, Adara Lyman, were initiated, passed, and raised before the installation of the Lodge, and all but one have passed through since,—Joe, by the hands of the Grand Master Jonas, and the remainder of the other brethren. That record was sealed up, and a new one commenced,--the second was sealed up, and a third commenced,—and then a new record book procured and such parts copied as they were willing should go to the Grand Lodge, and such only. Let the original book be produced and all these facts will appear and all these facts will appear—I stand pledged that they shall appear—I stand pledged that they shall appear. A part of the original record is in my hand writing, as all know; now if they will produce a record that has any of my hand writing in it, (for the new one has nothing but my name,) I will show all the facts, unless the leaves have been torn out . . . and Joe said, as the case was likely to effect his brother Samuel, "I will see the records in hell and burn this house, before it shall be said that a Smith ever failed to accomplish any thing he undertook, or before any thing shall be recorded that may ever operate against Samuel—and if we can't get a charter without that the Grand Lodge may go to the Devil." Is this not so? I appeal to George W. Robinson, Francis M. Higbee, and Hiram Kimball, all Master Masons. These are only some of the actings and doings of the Nauvoo Lodge, U.D. under the Supervision of Joe, and his servile priest, George Miller—that little creature that does Joe's dirty work.—Let the Grand Lodge look to this. Why does not Nauvoo Lodge, U.D. deal with Joe for the attempted seduction of Nancy Rigdon, a Master Mason's daughter, and for the actual seduction of several Master Masons' wives, sisters and daughters?—Simply because they say Joe is a Prophet, and the Lord's anointed must not be harmed, the Lord will not suffer his anointed to fall! O, tempora! O, mores!

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