Heber C. Kimball writes to Parley P. Pratt that "there is a similarity of priesthood in Masonry."

Jun 17, 1842
Heber C. Kimball
2nd Hand

Heber C. Kimball letter, Nauvoo, to Parley P. Pratt, 1842 June 17, Church History Library, MS 897, Parley P. Pratt correspondence 1842-1855; MS 897, folder 1, document 4, p. 1-4, accessed January 11, 2023. Transcription by Mauri Pratt and Tiffany Woods Whiting; Oct. 2015, accessed January 11, 2023

Heber C. Kimball
Sidney Rigdon, Orson Pratt, Mary Ann Pratt, Joseph Smith, Jr., Olive Beth Kimball Mack, Heber C. Kimball, Parley P. Pratt
Mary Ann Pratt, Parley P. Pratt

Nauvoo. June the 17 1842

Dear Brother and sister <Pratt> Sister Ollive not forgoten by me. no I remember old friends. all though I have not writen to you fore some time, it has been on the acount of much buisness. I am well my family are tolerable fare. it is a time of helth in the City of Nauvoo. the Emegration is great here. they are coming in here from most Evry State in the union this place has grone half. since I got home the Temple is geting on well. all seem to be interested in the concern. thare is a great menny Brick buildings going up this season. thare is 7 or 8 Brick yards in this place. some have burnt thier kills this season. and men stand Ready to take evry brick as soon as they are cool. Brother Joseph feels as well as I Ever see him. one reason is he has got a small company. that he feels safe in thare hads. and that is not all he can open his bosom to and feel him self safe [page break]

I wish you was here so as to feel and hear fore your self. we have recieved some pressious things through the Prophet on the preast hood that would caus your Soul to rejoice I can not give them to you on paper fore they are not to be riten. So you must come and get them fore your self.—We have organised a Lodge here. of Masons. since we obtained a charter. that was in March since that thare has near two hundred been made masons[.] Br Joseph and Sidny was the first that was Recieved in to the Lodg. all of the twelve have become members Except Orson P. he Hangs back. he will wake up soon, thare is a similarity.of preast Hood in masonry. Br Joseph ses masonary was taken from preast Hood but has become degennated. but menny things are perfect. we have a prosession on the 24 of June which is cold by Masons St Johns day in this country. I think I think it will result in good. the Lord is with us and we are prosperd concidering all things. Money is scarce but provisions plen<ty> and cheap. the saints that come from England-

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have all got in to buisness , and the grater part of them have got places. those that have means to by with. by Lots. those that have not go and take up lots on a disputed tract of land that lays in the limets of the city. it cost nothing.fore them.proberly they will not be troubled fore sevrel years[.] they go on to the Island. whare they get thare timber to build with and burn. this land lays on the banck of the River. and store plenty by picking up. So what more can they ask but at the same time thare is <menny that finds falt and are ready to denigh the Lord and turn traters to thare Brethren Somm have found falt becaus we had no Housses fore them to go in when they got here. Some becaus we did not make more of them and invite them Home and provide fore them[.] we would be glad if they could know we have as much as <we> can do to live our selvs we are thronged all the day Long[.] we would Esteem it a pleasure to retire from the seas and rest our warry souls fore a time but this will not do. we must fite. Dear Br I can tell you our battle will be chort. and others will have to front the battle [page break]

my dear wife send much love to you and wife, you have my best wishes. you have my pains. there is much Excitement in this county on the acount of our Election. we have nominated our own of Officers. and no doubt we shall Elect them this makes the delve made and I am glad. so amen. I am as Ever

Heber C. Kimball

Mr Parly P Pratt


or Liverpool

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