The Nauvoo Lodge Minutes Book records Abraham Jonas' description of his reasons for placing an injunction against the Nauvoo Lodge, and how it might be remedied.

Jul 30, 1842
Abraham Jonas
Scribed Verbatim

Abraham Jonas, Injunction, July 30, 1842, Nauvoo Masonic Minutes Book, Church History Library

William Clayton
Abraham Jonas, William Clayton
Nauvoo Freemasons

Whereas, it has been represented to me, from sundry authentic sources, but more importantly by a communication from Bodley Lodge No 1 that great irregularities have taken place in the work of said Nauvoo Lodge and that many of the Land marks of ancient Masonry have been repeatedly violated, much to the inquiry of the masonic Institution in general, and more particularly of the craft of the state of Illinois. . . . Therefore, I Abraham Jonas, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the state of Illinois, in virtue of the authority in me vested do hereby order and decree that the Dispensation, granted to the said Nauvoo Lodge be and the same is hereby suspended until the next meeting of the Grand Lodge of the state of Illinois on the 1st Monday of October next and the officers and Brethren of said Lodge are hereby commanding to discontinue all Meetings as a Lodge—and no longer perform any work as such, until the minutes and proceedings of said Lodge shall be fully examined and investigated--and for the purpose of enabling the Grand Lodge more fully to examine their proceedings and judge fairly and understandingly of their case, said Lodge is hereby commanded to produce the minutes of their proceedings. -- and to attend by their Representatives, the next meeting of the Grand Lodge to be held in the Town of Jacksonville on the first Monday of October next--and see, that you the Master Warden and Brethren of said Nauvoo Lodge--do not fail to obey--all herein commanded.

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