Joseph Smith advises the Relief Society to "grow up by degrees" by examining each candidate for membership carefully.

Mar 31, 1842
Meeting Minutes / Notes
Joseph Smith, Jr.

Eliza Roxcy Snow, Nauvoo Relief Society Minute Book, 1842–1844, The Joseph Smith Papers, 22

Eliza R. Snow
Eliza R. Snow, Joseph Smith, Jr.
Relief Society

Minutes of the Proceedings

of the

Third Meeting of the Society—

[1 line blank]

Lodge Room March 30th [31st] 1842.

Meeting opened with Singing—

Prayer by Prest. Joseph Smith—

The house full to overflowing.

Prest. J. Smith arose— spoke of the organization of the Society— said he was deeply interested that it might be built up to the Most High in an acceptable manner— that its rules must be observed— that none should be received into the Society but those who were worthy— propos’d that the Society go into a close examination of every candidate— that they were going too fast— that the Society should grow up by degrees— should commence with a few individuals— thus have a select Society of the virtuous and those who will walk circumspectly— commended them for their zeal but said sometimes their zeal was not according to knowledge— One principal object of the Institution, was to purge out iniquity— said they must be extremely careful in all their examinations or the consequences would be serious

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