Joseph Smith stressed the need for individuals to stand in their appointed places to sanctify the Society, emphasizing the imminent bestowal of the keys of the kingdom and urging resistance to evil.

Apr 28, 1842
Meeting Minutes / Notes
Willard Richards
Scribed Verbatim

Willard Richards, "Relief Society Minutes," April 28, 1842, The Joseph Smith Papers website, accessed December 4, 2023

Willard Richards
Orson Pratt, Joseph Smith, Jr., Orson Hyde, John Edward Page, Willard Richards, Parley P. Pratt
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President Smith continued by speaking of the difficulties he had to surmount ever since the commencement of the work in consequence of aspiring "great big Elders," as he called them, who had caused him much trouble. He had taught them in private counsel, and they went forth into the world and proclaimed the things he had said, as the same aspiring individuals taught them; their revelations. The disposition of such individuals would be in this Society. He emphasized that every person should stand and act in the place appointed, and thus sanctify the Society and get it pure. He said he had been trampled underfoot by aspiring followers, for all were infected with that spirit. For instance, P. Pratt, O. Pratt, O. Hyde, and J. Page had been aspiring – they separated but must run away, as they cared more about their own authority than the authority of the church vested in them. They came, and he said that they had a subtle devil to deal with and could only curb him by being humble. He took this opportunity to instruct the Society and point out the way for them to conduct themselves, so they might act according to the will of God. He mentioned that he did not know as he would have many opportunities to teach them, as he was going to be left to themselves, and they would not have him to instruct them for long. The church would not have his instruction for long, and the world would not be troubled with him for a great while, and they would not have his teachings. He then spoke of delivering the keys to this Society, to the church, stating that according to his prayers, God had appointed him elsewhere. He exhorted the sisters always to concentrate their faith and prayers for those whom God had appointed to honor, and who God had placed at the head to lead. He urged them to place confidence in them, and to pray for them, so they would be armed with prayers. He emphasized that all should put forth their faith, as the keys of the kingdom were about to be given to them, and that they may be able to detect unworthy candidates. He emphasized that if one member became corrupt, they should unhesitatingly put them away. The sympathies of the leaders of the Church had inclined them to err with those who were corrupt, and in consequence, all became contaminated. Therefore, he urged them to put down iniquity by their good example and provoke the Elders to good works. If they did right, there would be no danger of going too fast. He mentioned that he did not care how fast they the path of virtue, as long as they resisted evil, as there was no danger. He said that God, men, angels, and devils can't condemn them if they shunned everything that was evil. He then spoke about the charitable Society, saying that it was natural for females to have feelings of charity. He mentioned that they were now placed in a situation where they could act according to those sympathies that God had planted in their bosoms. He emphasized that if they lived up to these principles, it would be great and glorious. He encouraged them to live up to their privilege, as the angels could not be restrained from being their associates. He stated that females, if they were pure and innocent, could come into the presence of God. He believed that nothing was more pleasing to God than innocence. He encouraged them to come before God and be sons and daughters of God, becoming pure themselves. He reminded them that the devil had great power, but they must be innocent to come before God. If they did the will of God, they would not be doing wrong. He encouraged them to resist evil and not engage in war, arguments, or contradictions. Instead, they should focus on meekness, love, and purity, as these were the things they should magnify. He emphasized that iniquity must be brought to light and purged out. Then, the veil would be rent, and the blessings of heaven would flow down,

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