Brown speaks obliquely about his involvement in the Aiken murders of 1857 and describes the aftermath.

Nov 25, 1857 - Nov 26, 1857
Personal Journal / Diary
Homer Brown

Homer Brown, Journal, circa 1850 April-1858 March, MS 2181, Church History Library

Homer Brown
Homer Brown, Absalom Woolf, Miles Miller, John Kienke

25th. Cool and cloudy. I was called up between ten and eleven oclock last night to go out to the Sevier River on business started before light this morning in company with Absalom Woolf, Miles Miller, and John Kienke. We arrived at the Sevier a little after noon, and camped for night, and attended to our business. ready to start home

26. Cool and rainy all night and paft of the forenoon, [unknown] led for home about eight oclock, where we arrived a little after dark. when we found considerable excitement on account of two of the gentiles that stopped here night before last coming in this morning and reporting that they were shot at by Indians while camped last night and that all the rest of the men were killed and themselves badly wounded; one in the head and the other in the back, and the ball came through to the skin near the left shoulder, which Bryant cut out. The one that was wounded in the head threw away his coat and boots, and hat, and came in his shirt sleeves and bare feet, they said that it was their own fault that they did not put out a guard, for the Indians were right upon them before they knew it while they were sitting around the fire telling stories and singing songs & We met four men going out to look after Porter and men to see if the could find what had become of them. [. . .]

28. Cool and cloudy. I started with Absalom this morning to to go to willow creek, after the herd as there was an express came from the City for beef cattle. The two wounded men started for the City this morning as they seemed very anxious to get to Salt Lake. We got only a part of the Willow creek hard as the rest were over at the West Mountain and we did not find where they were until it was too late to get them: got home about eleven.

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