Samuel Pitchforth gives his account and commentary of the Thomas Lewis castration.

May 31, 1857
Personal Journal / Diary
Samuel Pitchforth

Samuel Pitchforth Diary, May 31, 1857, L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University

Thomas Lewis, Daniel Henrie, Joseph Young, Sister Lewis, John Lowery, Albert Perry Rockwood, Warren Snow, Samuel Pitchforth

One thing I forgot to mention that is that Pres Joseph Young & A.P. Rockwood entirely disapproved of the cutting of young Lewis at Fort Ephraim- I believe Bro W Snow will loose some influence through that affair. The circumstances are like this Thos Lewis was under arrest and on the way to the City to be taken to the penetentionary- They were taking him in the night and while passing Willow Creek some men came out-- and took him into the willows and took from him his stones in a brutal manner Tearing the chords right out- leaving him on the ground when it was covered with snow and a bitter cold night. he was out 48 hours before found and It is a miracle that he lived he lingered a long time and now is gone crazy- what a severe Trial to that Good woman his mother sister Lewis While brother Joseph he was at Manti he Organized a Quo- appointing Daniel Henrie sen president and from what I over heard them say that had appointed John Lowery June one of the presidents but learning that he was one that helped to cut Lewis they wrote from here not for Henrie to Ordain him Bro Joseph remarked while selecting the presidents for the 49 Quo that he did not want a man who would shed blood before he was duly commanded- Oh how careful men ought to be- in not steping to far- for they might do something that would give them sorrow forever-

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