John Cradlebaugh reproduces 8 affidavits, 1 court record, and 1 confession from his inquiry into the Parrish-Potter murders in an appendix to a published speech given to the US House of Representatives.

Mar 16, 1859 - Aug 30, 1859
Speech / Court Transcript
John Cradlebaugh

John Cradlebaugh, Utah and the Mormons (Washington, DC: L Towers & Co., Printers, 1863) 43-61

L. Towers & Co.
John Cradlebaugh
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[Judge Cradlebaugh reproduces the March 26, 1859 affidavits of Alvira R. Parrish, Orrin E. Parrish, Joseph Bartholomew, Zephaniah J. Warren, Alva A. Warren, the report of the March 16, 1857 inquiry, signed by clerk P. W. Westwood, the August 30, 1859 affidavit of James W. Webb, the April 1, 1859 confession of Abraham Durfee, and the April 1, 1859 affidavits of Thomas O'Bannon and ——— Phillips. Only the affidavit of Phillips is produced here for the BH Roberts Foundation as a representative sample.]

Affidavit of ——— Phillips:

Territory of Utah,}

Provo City, Utah County}


——— Phillips, being duly sworn, deposed and says: I live in Provo. On the Sunday night of the murder I was at a meeting in the street in Provo. President Snow, President of this State, and others, preached from a wagon. Their preaching about that time was pretty much about apostates and persons going to leave the Territory, and how they would be disposed of. After the meeting Pres. Snow inquired if there was anybody going to Springville that day. A man by the name of Nethercot said he was going. Nethercot went up, and Snow handed him a letter, and told him he wanted it to be delivered to Bishop Johnson that day without fail, and remarked that dead men tell no tales. Nethercot took the letter. And further deponent saith not.

(Signed) ——— Phillips

Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 1st day of April 1859.

John Cradlebaugh, Judge, &c.

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