Joseph E. Johnson alleges during disciplinary council that Joseph "frigged" his mother-in-law Mary Heron.

Sep 2, 1850
Meeting Minutes / Notes
Joseph E. Johnson
Scribed Paraphrase
2nd Hand

Council Meeting, Salt Lake City, September 2, 1850, Brigham Young Office Files, MS 1234, Church History Library

Joseph E. Johnson, Mary Heron, Joseph Smith, Jr.

“O. Hyde there is a matter of bro: Johnson to be laid before the Council—this matter was brot. before Council in Kanesville his Priesthood was required to be laid down until he came here – a Miss Goddard wife of Lorenzo Snow became in a family way by Bro Johnson – she was living in his house – we deemed it improper for her to be there he sent her away to a retired place – she was delivered of a child – she is again living at his house in Kanesville – he wishes to retain his fellowship in the Church. He says he has bro: Snow & he was satisfied.

“Joseph E. Johnson – I am come purposely if possible to get the matter settled & atone for the wrong I av done – I av neglected to lay it before you before this – bro Hydes statements r all correct – true – all I can do is beg for mercy – I became acquainted with the girl, & the consequences r as the r – I saw bro. Snow at Kanesville & he was satisfied – I am come here to atone for the wrong I av done.

. . .

“Ansr. I av not ad connection with Devol’s daur – as God is my judge this is true. I never herad any conversation to say it was right to go to bed to a woman if not found out – I was aware the thing was wrong. – had been with – he sd. He was familiar with the first frigging – that was done in his house with his mother in law [Mary Heron Snider]—by Joseph.

“O.H. sd. Kelly told him Johnson knew what he was about – it was done in his house by bro Joseph that the Ch had tried to break down bro. Babbitt & the Ch Therefor- I knew at the time I was doing wrong – I never av taken any body as a excuse – I never plighted my faith on Joseph’s transactions.

. . .

“J. Kelly – It as taken me by surprise – in our conversation – Johnson introduced the subject – as to himself – & many scenes that r familiar in the Ch – he sd. It was a matter of his own concern & interested nobody else but those he wod. av to bow to him”

BHR Staff Commentary

The digital version of the original manuscript has been redacted because it involves matters of Church discpline. The transcript comes from D. Michael Quinn, Box 3, fd. 2, Quinn Collection, Yale Library, also available on

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