Emily D. P. Young recalls her marriage to Joseph Smith and Emma's knowledge of plural marriage.

1850 - 1899
Emily D. P. Young

Emily D. P. Young, "Incidents of the Life of a Mormon Girl," undated manuscript, 185–18[7], MS 5220, Church History Library

Emily D. P. Young
Emily D. P. Young, Sarah Lawrence, Maria Lawrence, Emma Hale Smith, Eliza Partridge, Joseph Smith, Jr.

It was about this time that the principles of Celestial marriage were being taught to a few. I and my sister Eliza received it and were married to Br. Joseph about the same time, but neither of us knew about the other at the time, everything was so secret This was in March 1843

Joseph had tried to make these things known to me several months before—I think, in the spring of summer of, 42, but I had shut him up so quick that he said no more to me untill the 28th of February, 1843, (my nineteenth birth day) and I was married the 4th of March following. After a month or two Emma had consented to give Joseph two wives, if Jo he would let her choose them for him, and as she choose E. and myself the ceremony was done over again in her pressence, on the 11th of May 1843. I do not know why she gave us to him unless she thought we were where she could watch us better than some other, outside of the house She wanted us immediately divorced, and she seemed to think that she only had to say the word, and it was done. But we thought different. We looked upon the covenants we had made as sacred. She afterwards gave Sarah and Maria Lawrence to him, and they lived in the house as his wifes. I knew this, but my sister and I were cast off

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