Newspaper report of Lucy Walker's public testimony of Joseph and polygamy.

Dec 24, 1899
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Lucy Walker
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"Birthday of Prophet," Salt Lake Semi-Weekly Tribune, December 26, 1899

The Salt Lake Tribune
Lucy Walker, Joseph Smith, Jr.
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Lucy Walker Smith was introduced as one of the wives of the prophet. She testified to his great moral worth, of him as a man, and how loth she was to enter into polygamy, and that she did not do so until she had prayed long and fervently, that if polygamy were true that she should be given a knowledge. That knowledge she subsequently obtained, and it was then that she consented to marry the prophet. One night when she was praying in her room, it suddenly became as light as day, and it was then that she was given the testimony. After the death of Joseph Smith, she became the wife of Heber C. Kimball. Emma Smith, the wife of the prophet, was a good woman, but she, too, had made mistakes at times. Men did not take polygamous wives because they loved them or fancied them or because they were voluptuous, but because it was a command of God.

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