Benjamin F. Johnson recalls that his sister and Eliza Partridge stayed with Joseph at his (Johnson's) house in 1843.

Mar 9, 1904
Benjamin F. Johnson

Benjamin F. Johnson, Letter to Joseph F. Smith, March 9, 1904, in "More Testimony," Deseret Evening News, April 12, 1904

Deseret Evening News
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Joseph F. Smith, Reading Public

Mesa City, 9th March, 1904.

"President Joseph F. Smith, Washington City, D.C., My Dear Brother: In reading reports from the Senate committee on the Reed Smoot case, I see that witnesses are offered to prove that the Prophet Joseph Smith did not authorize or practice polygamy. I do know that he did teach plural marriage and that he did give to me a plural wife who is still living with me, and that I saw one of my sisters married to him and know that with her he occupied my house on May 16 and 17, 1843, which he had occupied with Eliza Partridge, another plural wife, on the 2nd of the previous month.

"And I do know that at his Mansion home was living Maria and Sarah Lawrence and one of Cornelius P. Lott's daughters as his plural wives with the full knowledge of his wife, Emma, of their married relation to him.

"At that time I was his legal business agent and his business partner at Macedonia or Ramus, and was familiar with his family or domestic affairs; and, occupying as I did, the family mansion after his death, I had much to do in a business way with Emma, the Prophet's first wife, who at no time did ever in my hearing deny the plural character of her husband's family.

"Loyal to the truth, I am always your brother,

"B. F. Johnson."

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