John C. Bennett alleges JS sent men "preaching" and then married their wives.

Jul 2, 1842
John C. Bennett

John C. Bennett, Affidavit, July 2, 1842, in Pittsburgh Morning Chronicle 1, no. 298 (July 29, 1842)

Pittsburgh Morning Chronicle
John C. Bennett, Brigham Young, Joseph Smith, Jr.
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BENNETT'S AFFIDAVIT:—We know not whether Gen. John C. Bennett is worthy of belief, as he swore, while in Nauvoo, that Joe Smith had never taught him anything contrary to strict morality and virtue; in justice to the General however, we publish his last affidavit, although it and his other publications would, under ordinary circumstances, be excluded from our columns; but when we see a base imposture, under the name of religion, gaining converts even in our own city—some from our own churches, it is time for the press to speak out, and direct its voice in tones of thunder against the vile hypocrisy, blasphemy, and shocking immorality of these reverend knaves, whose insidious wiles have caused the ruin of many a female, who has joined their church from a mistaken belief in the purity of their religion. The following is Gen. Bennett's last affidavit:

State of Illinois} ss.

Hancock County,}

Personally appeared before me, S. Marshall, a Justice of the Peace in and for said county, John C. Bennett, who, being duly sworn, according to law, deposeth and saith—that the affidavit taken before Esq. Wells on the 17th of May, and the statement before the City Council of Nauvoo, on the 19th, as published in the Wasp of the 25th of June, 1842, are false, and were taken under durrese, as stated in this letter—that he has seen Joseph Smith in bed with Mrs. ______, Mrs. ______, and that he has seen him in the act of cohabitation with Mrs. ______, and Mrs. ______, all four of whom he seduced by telling him that the Lord had granted the blessing of Jacob, and that there was no sin in it -- that he told him that Bates Noble married him to _____ ______, and that Brigham Young married him to _____ ______, that he had free access to Mrs. ______, Mrs. ______, and Mrs. ______, and various others, whose husbands he had sent off preaching, and not now necessary to mention—and further this deponent saith not,


Sworn and subscribed, this 2d day July, 1842.


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