Andrew Jenson provides biographies of Windsor Palmer Lyon and Sylvia Lyons.

1860 - 1880
Andrew Jenson

Andrew Jenson, "Lyon, Winsor Palmer, b. 1818," Undated Manuscript, Andrew Jenson Collection, circa 1841–1942, MS 17956, Church History Library

Andrew Jenson
Perrigrine Sessions, Sylvia Lyons, Ezekiel Clark, Aaron Caleb Lyon, Joseph Smith, Jr., Mariam Sessions, Windsor Palmer Lyon, Thomas Marsh, Andrew Jenson

Lyon, Winsor Palmer

Was born 1818 in Maine <or Vermont> the son of Aaron Caleb Lyon, and he He joined the Church at an early day and latter settled in Nauvoo Ill., and as a doctor and a physician sargeant in the Nauvoo Legion married Sylvia Porter Sessions, by whom he had several children. At Nauvoo [In Missouri] he sued Thos. B. Marsh, once a member of the Twelve, and was disfellowshipped from the Church; later he returned to the Church and remained faithful for a short time, but finally removed down to Iowa City where he died about 1849.

Sessions, Sylvia Porter, wife of Winsor Palmer Lyon, was born July 31, 1818, in Bethel, Oxford Co, Maine, the daughter of [blank] Sessions [blank] sister of Perrigrine Sessions Because a convert to "Mormonism" and was married to Mr. Lyons When he left the Church she was sealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith. Her children were Mariam <nine in> number, the first one Mariam born in 1839. After the death of Lyon she married Ezekiel Clark, to whom she bore three children. She left Mr. Clark and migrated to Utah in 1854 with her brother Perrigrine Sessions, and sett with her four children. She settled in Bountiful where she died April 13, 1882. Three of her children died in Nauvoo.

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