John L Butler writes that William McLellin robbed the Smith home while Joseph was in prison.

John L. Butler

John L. Butler autobiography, circa 1859, 20, MS 2952, Church History Library

John L. Butler
Caroline Farzine Skeen, Emma Hale Smith, John L. Butler, Joseph Smith, Jr., William McLellin
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Some few days before that a man by the name of Maclelling, one who had been high in the Church and Kingdom of God and had held the office of one of the Twelve, and another man went into Brother Joseph's house and commenced searching over his things and Sister Emma asked him why he had done so and his answer was because he could. He took all the jewelry out of Joseph's box and took a lot of bed clothes and in fact, plundered the house and took the things off and while Brother Joseph was in prison, he suffered with the cold, and he sent home to his wife Emma to send him some quilts or bed clothes, for they had no fire there and he had to have something to keep him from the cold. It was in the dead of winter. My wife was up there when the word came, and she said that Sister Emma cried and said that they had taken all of her bed clothes, except one quilt and blanket and what could she do. So my wife with some other sisters said, "Send him them and we will see that you shall have something to cover you and your children." My wife then went home and got some bed clothes and took them over to her.

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