Mosiah Hancock recounts the marriage of Fanny Alger and Joseph.

Mar 10, 1905
Mosiah Hancock
3rd Hand

Autobiography of Levi Ward Hancock (with additions by his son Mosiah Hancock dated "Farmington Davis Co Co, 1896"), MS 570, 61-64, Church History Library

Church History Library
Fanny Alger, Mosiah Hancock, Levi Hancock, Samuel Alger, Clarissa Hancock Alger, Joseph Smith, Jr.
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As early as the Spring of 1832 Bro Joseph said “Brother Levi, The Lord has revealed to me that it is his will that righteous men shall take Righteous women even a plurality of Wives that a Righteous race may be sent forth Uppon the Earth preparatory to the ushering in of the Millennial Reign of our Redeemer For the Lord has such a high respect for the nobles of his kingdom that he is not willing for them to come through the Loins of a careles People—Therefore; it behoves those who embrace that Principle to pay strict attention to even the least requirement of our Heavenly Father”—

. . . .

At that time Clarissa Reed was working at the Prophet’s She told the Prophet She loved brother Levi Hancock The Prophet had the highest respect for her feelings She had thought that perhaps she might be one of the Prophet’s wives as herself and Sister Emma were on the best of terms My Father and Mother understanding each other were inspired by the spirit of the Lord to respect His word through the Prophet—Therefore Brother Joseph said “Brother Levi I want to make a bargain with you—If you will get Fanny Alger for me for a wife you may have Clarissa Reed. I love Fanny” “I will” Said Father—“Go brother Levi and the Lord will prosper you” Said Joseph—Father goes to the Father Samuel Alger—his Father’s Brother in Law and said “Samuel the Prophet Joseph loves your Daughter Fanny and wishes her for a wife what say you”—Uncle Sam Says—”Go and talk to the old woman about it twi’ll be as She says” Father goes to his Sister and said “Clarissy, Brother Joseph the Prophet of the most high God loves Fanny and wishes her for a wife what say you” Said She “go and talk to Fanny it will be all right with me”—Father goes to Fanny and said “Fanny Brother Joseph the Prophet loves you and wishes you for a wife will you be his wife”? “I will Levi” Said She. Father takes Fanny to Joseph and said “Brother Joseph I have been successful in my mission”—Father gave her to Joseph repeating the Ceremony as Joseph repeated to him.

. . . .

Apostates thought they had a good hold on Joseph because of Fanny and some of the smart ? ones confined her in an upper room of the Temple determined that the Prophet should be settled according to their notions Brother Joseph came to Father and said “Brother Levi what can be done”?—There being a wagon and a dry goods Box close by and Joseph being strong and Father active Father soon gained the window Sill and Fanny was soon on the ground Father mounts his horse with Fanny behind him and altho dark they were in New Lyme forty five miles distant—And when the worthies ? sent Fannieys dinner the next day they were astonished not to be able to find her—Father by that time had returned and his animal was in the Stable

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