Joseph records William McLellin's 1838 trial and excommunication.

May 11, 1838
Personal Journal / Diary
Joseph Smith, Jr.

"Journal, March–September 1838," p. 40-41, The Joseph Smith Papers, accessed March 29, 2022

George W. Robinson
Doctor McCord, Joseph Smith, Jr., William McLellin
Joseph Smith, Jr.

This day, the presidency attend the Council of the Bishop, in case of the trial of Wm E. Mc.Lellen & Doctor McCord, Who were found in transgression. Mr. Mc.Cord, arose, and said, he was sorry to troubl the council on his account, for he had intended to withdraw from the church, before he left the place. he also stated, he had no confidence in the work of God, neither in his Prophet, which he <​has​> raised up in these last days, and consequently should go his own way, he accordingly gave up his License, and departed Wm. E. Mc.Lellin, also said the same. He further said he had no confidence in the heads of the Church, beleiving they had transgressed, and got out of the way, and consequently <​he​> left of[f] praying and keeping the commandments of God, and went his own way, and indulged himself in his lustfull desires. But when he heard, that the first presidency, had made a general settlement and acknowleged their sins, he then began to pray again, and to keep the commandments of God. Though when interogated by Prest smith he said he had seen nothing out of the way himself but it was heresay, and thus he judged from heresay. But we are constrained to say, O!! foolish Man! what excuse is that thou renderest, for thy sins, that because thou hast heard of some mans transgression, that thou shouldest leave thy God, and forsake thy prayers, and turn to those things that thou knowest to be contrary to the will of God, we say unto thee, and to all such, beware! beware! for God will bring the into Judgement for thy sins.

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