The Nauvoo Neighbor reports on and defends the destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor.

Jun 12, 1844
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Nauvoo Neighbor

"Retributive Justice," Nauvoo Neighbor 2, no. 7 (June 12, 1844): 2

Nauvoo Neighbor
Nauvoo Neighbor
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A knot of base men, to further their wicked and malicious designed towards the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and to bolster up the intent of black-legs and bogus makers, and advocate the characters of murderers, established a press in this city last week, and issued a paper entitled the “Nauvoo Expositor." The prospectus showed an intention to destroy the charter, and the paper was filled with libels and slanderous articles upon the citizens and city council from one end to the other.

"A burnt child dreads the fire:" the church as a body and individually has suffered till "forbearance has ceased to be a virtue": the cries and pleadings of men, women and children, with the authorities, were, will you suffer that servile murderous intended paper to go on and vilify and slander the innocent inhabitants of this city, and raise another mob to drive and plunder us again as they did in Missouri? Under these pressing cries and supplications of afflicted innocence, and in the character, dignity, and honor of the corporate powers of the charter, as granted to the city of Springfield, and made and provided as part of our charter for legislative purposes: viz, “to declare what shall be a nuisance, and to prevent and remove the same,” the city council of Nauvoo on Monday the 10th, inst. declared the establishment and Expositor a nuisance; and the city Marshal at the head of the police in the evening took the press, materials and paper in to the street and burnt them:

And in the name of freemen, and in the name of God, we beseech all men, who have the spirit of honor in them, to cease from persecuting us collectively or individually. Let us enjoy our religion, rights, and peace, like the rest of mankind: why start presses to destroy rights and privileges, and bring upon us mobs to plunder and murder? We ask no more than what belong to us—the rights of Americans.

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