Joseph calls for all citizens of Nauvoo to curtail such speech as might inflame passions and raise up mobs.

Jun 11, 1844
News (traditional)
Joseph Smith, Jr.

"Proclamation, 11 June 1844," in Nauvoo Neighbor 2, no. 7 (June 12, 1844): 2–3. The Joseph Smith Papers website, accessed January 18, 2022

Nauvoo Neighbor
Joseph Smith, Jr.
Reading Public

By virtue of my office as Mayor of the City of Nauvoo, I do hereby strictly enjoin it upon the Municipal Officers, and Citizens of said city, to use all honorable and lawful means in their power, to assist me in maintaining the public peace and common quiet of said city. As attempts have already been made to excite the jealousy and prejudice of the people of the surrounding country, by libels, and slanderous articles upon the citizens and City Council, for the purpose of destroying the “Charter” of said city, and for the purpose of raising suspicion, wrath, and indignation among a certain class of the less honorable portion of mankind, to commit acts of violence upon the innocent and unsuspecting, in a certain newspaper called the “Nauvoo Expositor,” recently established for such purposes in said city, and which has been destroyed as a nuisance according to the provisions of the Charter. I further call upon every Officer, authority and citizen to be vigilant in preventing by wisdom, the promulgation of false statements, libels, slanders, or any other malicious designed concern that may be put in operation to excite and ferment the passions of men to rebel against the rights and privileges of the city, citizens or laws of the land: to be ready to suppress the gathering of mobs; to repel, by gentle means and noble exertion, every foul scheme of unprincipled men, to disgrace and dishonor the city, or state, or any of their legally constituted authorities: and finally to keep the peace, by being cool, considerate, virtuous, unoffending, manly and patriotic as the true sons of liberty ever have been, and honorably maintain the precious boon our illustrious fathers won.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed the seal of said Corporation at the City of Nauvoo, this 11th day of June, 1844.



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