Joseph and Joseph W. Coolidge state that Charles Ambrose Foster's lawsuit against them has no merit.

May 21, 1844
Government Document
Almon Babbitt

Almon Babbitt, "Demurrer, circa 21 May 1844 [C. A. Foster v. JS and Coolidge]," The Joseph Smith Papers, accessed January 4, 2022

Almon Babbitt
Charles A. Foster, Joseph W. Coolidge, George Bachman, Onias Skinner, Almon Babbitt, Joseph Smith, Jr.
Hancock Circuit Court

State of Illinois)

Hancock County)

Charles A Foster)

vs) Trespass vi et armis)

Joseph Smith)

Joseph W Coolidge)

Hancock Circuit Court

May Term 1844

and the said defendants by their attorneys comes and defends the wrong and injury complained of by the plaintiff and says that the declaration and the matters therein contained in manner and form as the same are above stated and set forth are not sufficient in law for said Plaintiff to have or maintain his aforesaid action thereof against the said defendants and they the said defendants are not bound by law to answer the same and this they are ready to verify wherefore by reason of the insufficiency of the said declaration [3 words illegible] <​in this [illegible]​> in this behalf the said defendnts prays Judgement and that the said plaintiff may be barred from being or maintaining his aforesaid thereof against him

[Almon] Babbitt [Onias] Skinner Backman [George Bachman]

Atty for Defts

Joinder in demurrer

Warren & Higbee

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