Morley provides account of expedition including numbers of deaths.

Feb 21, 1850
Isaac Morley

Isaac Morley, Letter to David Fullmer, February 21, 1850, MS 2334, Church History Library

Isaac Morley
David Fullmer, Isaac Morley
David Fullmer

I am requested to inform you a little selective to the present <situation of things> that are going on in the Utah Valley. President Young has sent one hundred and fifty men in to that Valley to subdue the Indians mesingers [sic] from that valley have been sent here to inform us what is going on there General Daniel H. Wells has command of the [insert] when the messenger left the Uutah there was twenty two or three Indians killed and the main body of Indians that was left here retreated in an Cannon [?] in east mountain. Such posed to be some fifty or sixty of them a few had mad[e] their escape otherwise. [Illeg] His boy had one son killed in the battle and quite a number of brethren wounded some of them had quite a number of horses were shot the messengers inform us that it was believed [the] wounded wo[n't] recover we are anctiously waiting to hear the financle [sic] issue the mesingers have started for camp this morning The mesengers welcome to inform you of the present situation of things and request you not to let indians have any of your guns or ammunition when you return we wish you to send the Brass Gunn to this valley if you think you can share it if you have more bread stay staf their you want we should like to exchange and let you have in Salt Lake to the same amount it is a general time of health hear Walker and his band are quite friendly with respect yours or even Isaac Morley

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