Daniel H. Wells offers instructions to George D. Grant on executing expedition.

Feb 9, 1850
Government Document
Daniel H. Wells

Special Order No. 10, February 9, 1850, Territorial Militia Records, Utah State Archives

Daniel H. Wells, George D. Grant
George D. Grant

Your express forwarded by Miles Weaver and Joseph Clarke arrived here this forenoon giving me intelligence of your battle yesterday with the Utah Indians, of which I was anxious to hear. and tender my thanks for the same. I would enjoin upon you to preserve your men if possible under all circumstances compatible with duty. You state that your command could not be brought to bear upon them. I would therefor suggest the propriety of erecting a Battery upon wheels, under cover to sever your men from their arrows, and bring the same to bear upon them if possible. Take no hostile Indians as prisoners. Those friendly, and sue for peace, take them under Guard and place them in the Fort well guarded, and at no time leave the Fort unprotected. If you have a surplus of Horses, more than are necessary, assign [?] out the best, and return the others to this place, as you will want your feed for those necessary to be retained. Keep a vigilant watch upon the Indians, and let none escape but [illeg] unto up clean, as you have commenced and are engaged in it--I have forwarded three teams to day loaded with Cour[?] which will arrive by tomorrow evening, at the Mountain, and I wish you to send up some teams to meet them and take their loads into the Fort, and let these teams sent by me today return unless it is necessary to retain them, and send back the Teams, with weak[?] [illeg]--I expect to send as much [illeg] to morrow as you will need perhaps; until the [illeg] is done--What I forward you to day will supply you until more arrives. I have no more to add, only what I have reiterated before be vigilant be careful and preserve the lives of your men--I should be happy to be with you, but duty requires my presence here.

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