George Howland reports on battle with Indians in a letter to Daniel H. Wells.

Feb 8, 1850
George Howland

Captain George Howland, Letter to Daniel H. Wells, February 8, 1850, Territorial Militia Records, Utah State Archives

George Howland, Daniel H. Wells
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I have the honor to state to you an account of our proceedings and also the state of the command as regards provisions &c We started from the Fort this morning in order to give the Indians battle. The command was divided as follows. Three parties were sent out on horseback one under command of [illeg], one under command of St. Ferguson, these parties were sent out as out guards to prevent the indians from escaping should they be driven from these positions 2 parties were sent out on foot as skirmishes to drive them from there position. and the cannon wase sent out for the same purpose. The indians were strongly fortified and displayed a great amount of skill in selecting their position and displayed a great amount of skill in selecting their position. They had torn down Mr Bean's house in order to make breastworks, and fortified themselves in a ditch which was some fort below the natural surface of the guard, this ditch was in the midst of thick under hush and trees and we were able to get any advantage of them whatever Capt. Grant the commanding officer [illeg] their position in [illleg] every way in in fact every way possible but we could get no place expose we could take them with our fire. The balls flew pretty thick from them but with little effect. We have not been able to ascertain how many of the indians were killed but we think three or four and several wounded. As trails of blood were seen in several places. Among our wounded was Mr. Samuel Cain, he was wounded severely but not dangerously. Mr. Albert Shiles the same. Mr. Stevens was wounded slightly. Two or three others with spent bells which merely bruised the skin. We are going at them again tomorrow, it is not known how many there are, but it is supposed that the Indians from the Spanish Fork and south of the Lake have joined them The Cannon could not be used with any effect. As to provisions we have enough or can get it here. But we want more forage. It is estimated that we shall want 800 bushels of grain. The snow is so deep here that there is no grazing for the animals and there is very little hay here. The express will come back and let us known what time we will have the wagons at the [illeg] and we will send sleighs to meet them there and help them along. I forgot to mention that we have one of the [illeg] forces as prisoner and captured six horses and one colt. It is generally wished by the officers here that you were present in order to help us along . We have plenty of men, as many as could be used conveniently. I have no more to state.

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