Bruce H. Porter and Rod L. Meldrum review the DNA controversy pertaining to the Book of Mormon.

Bruce H. Porter

Bruce H. Porter and Rod L. Meldrum, Prophecies and Promises: The Book of Mormon and the United States of America (Honeoye Falls, New York: Digital Legend, 2009), 135–147

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Bruce H. Porter, Rod L. Meldrum
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In the past there have been books, papers, news statements, and internetsites claiming that DNA findings refute the historicity of the Book of Mormon, attempting to deny its claim as an actual historical record. Recent research has been conducted regarding Native American DNA studies that potentially relate to and may support the claims of the Book of Mormon.

This section specifically addresses many questions surrounding the current research regarding DNA and Native American populations. These few chapters that discuss DNA and the Book of Mormon, although not comprehensive in scope, will give the reader a coherent understanding of the nature of the subject and the research that addresses its relationship to the Book of Mormon. For a more detailed and comprehensive account of this research and the Issues surrounding DNA and the Book of Mormon, we refer you to Rediscovering the Book of Mornon Remnant through DNA by Rod Meldrum.

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Some Christian denominations believed they now had conclusive evidence proving the Book of Mormon to be false. Thus, they claimed that DNA evidence proves The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to be based upon a false premise, that being the historicity of the Book of Mormon. Unfortunately, many individuals prematurely jumped to conclusions based on the preliminary DNA research. Love at first sight is often cured by a second look, and as the genetic research continued and new conclusions began to unfold, their basic thesis began to unravel. The ongoing DNA research began to challenge the traditions and scholarly assumptions of the peopling of the Americas. This research revealed astonishing information that added potential new insights into the historicity of the Book of Mormon.

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