Dean H. Leavitt, Jonathon C. Marshall, and Keith A. Crandall lay out different models for BOM geography and how DNA evidence impacts each model.

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Dean H. Leavitt

Dean H. Leavitt, Jonathon C. Marshall, and Keith A. Crandall, "The Search for the Seed of Lehi: How Defining Alternative Models Helps in the Interpretation of Genetic Data," Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 36, no. 4 (Winter 2003), 133–150

Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought
Dean H. Leavitt, Jonathon C. Marshall, Keith A. Crandall
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Of all the models, work remains to be done principally with the G.L.G.A. model. More definite population estimates can be incorporated to determine the expected frequency of Middle Eastern DNA. Of nearly five hundred native Central Americans sampled so far, over 99 percent are clearly descended from Siberians, and no individual has been linked to the Middle East. Since it is dependent on population estimates of Nephites and also of the total inhabitants of a specified region at 34 A.D., the G.L.G.A. model seems questionable given the current sampling in Central America, but the issue remains unresolved conclusively.

This review has examined a few general models of Book of Mormon peoples and the implications that current DNA data have for each. As mentioned before, many possible models exist since numerous interpretations of Book of Mormon text are possible. It is unreasonable to expect that a thorough investigation of all models is possible. We reviewed here some of the more widely accepted ones. Some readers will note that we have obviously omitted an alternative model accepted by some LDS scholars and nearly all non-LDS scholars, one that views the Book of Mormon people as literary and not historical figures. As no specific genetic predictions can be made for such a model, it was left to other areas of investigation. Scholastic endeavors help us to better identify the historical, allegorical, and spiritual aspects of religious text. Only when the faithful are open to these separate sources of knowledge can scripture be fully appreciated and understood.

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