Ivins acknowledges the possibility of non-Lehite people in ancient America.

Apr 1929
Speech / Court Transcript
Anthony W. Ivins
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Anthony W. Ivins, Speech, April 5, 1929, Conference Report (April 1929): 15

Conference Report
Anthony W. Ivins
Latter-day Saints, Reading Public

The Book of Mormon does not replace the Bible. We believe the Bible to be the word of God insofar as it is correctly translated. I could preach a sermon upon that subject and satisfy any reasonable man that it is the only correct statement that could be made. We also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God. It is a Christian book. The title page itself appeals to people to come unto Christ—Jew, Gentile, bond and free—that salvation may be obtained through him. The last chapter in the book makes the same appeal. You can scarcely open a page that does not bear witness to the fact that Christ is the Redeemer of the world, the Son of God, our Savior, our Elder Brother, our Advocate with the Father. He stands between us and the Father to plead our cause. Every message that comes to us from the Father comes through the Son. He came to do the will of the Father. He came to show us the personality of the Father, for he said he was in the exact image of his person.

So I say one by one criticisms which have been made regarding the Book of Mormon are falling by the way through the investigation of scientists who understand their business. I thank the Lord for them and that which they are undertaking to do. I have never had any fear that a thing would be discovered to disprove the truths contained in this book.

We must be careful in the conclusions that we reach. The Book of Mormon teaches the history of three distinct peoples, or two peoples and three different colonies of people, who came from the old world to this continent. It does not tell us that there was no one here before them. It does not tell us that people did not come after. And so if discoveries are made which suggest differences in race origins, it can very easily be accounted for, and reasonably, for we do believe that other people came to this continent. A thousand years had elapsed from the time the Book of Mormon closed until the discovery of America, and we know that other people came to America during that period.

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