Hancock recalls how Joseph's sisters hid the plates.

Jan 11, 1954
Mary Salisbury Hancock
2nd Hand

Mary Salisbury Hancock, "The Three Sisters of the Prophet Joseph Smith: Part I," Saints' Herald 101 (January 11, 1954): 12

The Saints' Herald
Sophronia Smith, Catherine Smith Salisbury, Mary Salisbury Hancock
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As Grandmother [Catherine Smith Salisbury] told the story we would sit at rapt attention. . . . It became necessary for Joseph to use the utmost secrecy in handling the plates as he worked on the translation. The atmosphere of the home became charged with watchfulness, obligation, and care lest someone might at an unguarded moment seize the plates and make away with them. The two older sisters [Sophronia and Catherine] sensed the responsibility they held as members of this privileged family and were prepared when the time came to give their help. When Joseph was bringing the plates home from their hiding place to work on the translation he was followed to his father's very door at one time by some men who were determined to get "Joe Smith's Gold Plates" as they were called. Ever watchful for her brother's safety and hearing an unusual commotion outside Catherine flew to the door and threw it open just as Joseph came rushing up, panting for breath. He thrust a bundle into her arms, and in a gasping voice whispered hoarsely, "Take these quickly and hide them," then he disappeared into darkness. Closing the door Catherine ran hurriedly to the bedroom where she and Sophronia slept. Sophronia threw back the bedding and Catherine put the bundle on the bed, quickly replacing the bedding. Both of them lay down on the bed and pretended sleep. The mob, failing to find Joseph outside, returned to the house to search, but they did not disturb the girls since they appeared to be sleeping.

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